Are you open for new projects?

Absolutely! I am always open to hear from anyone that may have an interesting project to work on, just hit the button below to droop me a message and we can take it from there.

I don't have any budget but this project will give you great exposure, are you interested?

Unfortunately "exposure" it is not a currency currently accepted in grocery stores and for paying bills so this is a no. However if you have a small budget I would invite you to drop me a message, as you may be surprised by what the right brief can do with a small budget. There is not such a thing such a small budget, just the right brief and expectations. If you are a genuine charity I am open to offer a small discount, but this will be decided on a case by case as I have a limited amount of hours I can dedicate to discounted work.

Have you got a price list I can look at?

Projects are evaluated on a case by case basis as the length and effort may vary. I am planning to create a list of sample packages and that will give you an idea of average prices. Watch this space!

Let’s have a chat!

Drop me a line and let’s discuss how can I help you
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